who is this kid?


What about all of our NBA players, weight lifters, wrestling, foot ballers…
Oh wait huh…


Are people actually arguing about this? Lol… Who cares if his parents forced him into yoyo slavery or not, either way he’s talented enough to compete at that high of a level.


His horizontal skills are better then mine will ever be.


Who cares if his parents forced him into slavery?
Well, any decent human.


Well, that just enforces the fact that I’m a terrible person. My friends were right all along :smiley:


If anyone is to blame for his skills, it would be none other than his brother, who happened to place 2nd in 2015WJ and top 10 in Worlds, Yamato Murata. Not uncommon for brothers to be interested in the same things :wink:


pls stop. there is no room for reason in this thread. its CHILD ABUSE!


Lol call CPS! Or whatever they have in China. CcPS? Lol
Naw, I have no idea of his backround.
But if Infact he has been being forced to practice hours a day agaisnt his will instead of doing normal kid stuff, which wouldn’t exactly suprise me. Then no, that is not right.
Sure it might be he reason that he is a child prodigy. But where will he be at as an adult star with the lack of a childhood and abuse?
Ooooh, No! The Michael Jackson of Yo-Yo?


Wait they are brothers?


Anyone who thinks Kazuyw doesn’t yoyo for fun and is somehow being forced doesn’t know what they are talking about. I’ve seen numerous other videos and photos of Kazuya genuinely enjoying yoyoing and being with other players.
As for sometimes looking bland, come on, at 6 years old would you be all smiles and show going up on a stage in front of hundreds? This is a situation of a young one who loves yoyo, and also has some family influence and community with his brother and others locally. There is no “forcing” there. And like mentioned. Why would a young child be forced to yoyo?

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it just seems that sometimes when kids who are young are extremely good at something they often are abused for their talent… people are friends with them because they are cool or because it makes them look like they are good… i do agree he is insanely cool i was just trying to point out that often prodigies don’t enjoy what they are doing because to them it isnt fun anymore it becomes a job because people expect them to be the best even if they are not.


pretty sure you dont need to be cool to have friends in soviet asia

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still it does happen…


This seems to be the product of those expressing possibilities and stereotypes (while still not assuming any of them) and those who see them as expressing facts and so are retaliating to stop them. Why can’t we talk about how he is crazy at horizontal?

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that kid is crazy at horizontal…


Forget everything I said, I didn’t know that. That explains it for me then
Assume = making an ass our of u and me (just me this time)