i would like some opinions on the genesis but only if you have tried one or own one. i want to buy it for 1a.




And ever.

And ever ever.

It’s a big yo-yo… really big. Not BigYo big but it’s big. Kinda like a GM2.

It is way wider than the G5.

It’s a really good yoyo.

Great Weight Distribution. Great Grinding. However, it is kind of hard for me to bind and one of the ones I tried had a vibe.

Overall, it is an amazing yoyo and I’d highly recommend you get it!

It is a great yoyo, it is fast smooth, and it is the perfect size. I have yet to try one for 5a, I have only tried it for 1a. Fast 5a is the ultimate test of stability.

Personally I can’t put this yo-yo down, it is my favorite 1A right now. I got a purple one from YOYOEXPERT! For 5A I’m addicted to the Protostar…oh my!

I’m not a big fan of this yoyo but thats just me.

Hey John, I’m gonna do my best to get you back into the Oklahoma Arts Festival next year if you want me too. If its not on the same weekend as Moyo then I thought we could have a big meet right there with you. But without rain this time. lol

Ya, that protostar is amazing for 5a.