Favorite 5a yoyo

Hey guys, I just wanted to know what your favorite yoyo to play 5a with… I’ll start it, Mine is a glow-nasty



I dont like 5A


What ever yoyo I am using.

Genesis. And Lyn Fury.

SFX is my favorite but I also like the Fever, Destiny and Karma quite a bit.


shun the non bel yee ver

i like to use my supernova

Mighty flea… JK, im not too big on 5a but the Protostar works pretty well!

ehh sfx. but i hate 5A

Yoyorecreation messiah and my beater first run phenomizm

Genesis or northstar

I like to use my Genesis as well.


duncan freebird. had one and then traded it. buying one as soon as i get some cash. thing plays more than amazing for 5a

I don’t throw 5A much. But my protostar always on 5A setup.
So, that.

yoyojam legacy with my bearingized counterweight

Cruical Delicious and that RecRev yoyo i got at BLC, forgot what it was called.