Genesis problem/ Support contact questions

Hey guys… I got a Genesis not to long ago (ITS AMAZING!!!) and Im having some trouble with it.

I think somthing is wrong with the bearing or bearing seat… When I flick the bearing lightly is spins long, quiet, and smoothly, but when I flick it hard it seems like it vibrates in the bearing seat and is very loud and dies quickly. When I play the yoyo it seem fine untill I give it slack… I get that loud vibey sound and it often binds back up… I notice mostly on tricks like Black Hops or Kwijibo… Any thoughts?

And if worse comes to worse should I contact YYE? (where I bought the yoyo) or YYF? And if its YYF how do I contact them? Anyone have an email adress?

Thanks guys

To be completely honest I think the bearing might just need a cleaning, or at least hit it without the shield on with some pressurized air from either a can or compressor. Anyhow I come to this conclusion because my wife seems to have the worst luck with bearings, and her bearings usually do the same exact thing, so I would play with them and I would get the same result, so we deshielded and plunked them in lighter fluid and blew and spun them dry, re-installed and viola problem solved, havent ran into it again after her 3 bearings. As for who to contact, I would say to contact YYE and let them know of the issue and if they respond that there is nothing they can do (which I doubt) THEN I would contact YYF, if nothing else a replacement SPEC is only $10. I hope this helps. :-\

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thanks man

no problem :smiley:

if you want to contact YYF check this link out

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if you get a new bearing ten balls play amazing in a genesis thats how i have mine set up

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Just contact YYE and they should fix it for free.

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Cleaning didn’t work… :frowning: Gonna contact YYE on monday…

You probably haven’t broken in the bearing just play with it for a while and it should work