My Genesis makes noises that dont sound good. Might be broken. Please help


My YYF Genesis makes loud noises when I throw it. Its the noise when the screw is loose and sounds like the screw is wiggling around but I tightened it and it still does that. I have had my Genesis for 3-4 years now and its a little dinged up. Could I fix this or do I need to buy a new yoyo?


lol tried a new bearing?


Maybe just LIGHTLY LUBE the bearing…


I’d clean the bearing then give it a light lube.


I hardly believe that in 3-4 years, he hasn’t had any issues with his bearing sooner


Thanks, ill try cleaning it and putting some lube in it


I have issues with bearings every few days!


same here


Frankly I’m somewhat amazed at the number of people who have “bearing issues” these days. I don’t recall so many having problems in the past. And I rarely have problems w/them. But then I tend to leave them alone other than maybe an initial cleaning and occasional lubing.


I haven’t messed with a yoyo bearing in weeks/months. Right at first it seemed they needed a ton of maintenance but I honestly can’t rightly remember the last time I cleaned a bunch if bearings.


I’ve noticed a lot more manufactures providing their yoyos dry. Not only that but a lot more people clean the bearing the second they get it instead of just breaking it in.


I don’t lube my bearings, so I guess dust makes a bigger difference.