When I screw my Genesis up, it squeaks! Really loud! I don’t like it. As you can see. Any help? Should I lube it with Thin lube? Thanks

yeah try that first and then if still doing it, clean it out with lighter fluid of something then lube at again.

I’m guessing your referring to the yoyo its self and not the the bearing (Which is what I assume bhavax is referring to). But your Genesis should stop squeaking over time, my Hectic did the same thing and it’s dead silent now.

wouldn’t the noise come from the bearing itself??

No. The squeaking si because the bearing posts are a little tight. Unless you remove metal (which I wouldn’t) then it will squeak like this for a while. Don’t worry about it. It’s not hurting anything.

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If the way I interpreted the OPs post is correct (which I could be wrong) he means that when he unscrews the yoyo and puts it back together it makes a squeaking sound, It’s my understanding that that is a result of the threads scraping together (or something along those lines) And in time will fix itself with repeated assembly and disassemble… Again, I could be totally wrong though.

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Most of the time the yoyo will spin together fine till it hits the inner race of the bearing. That part rubs on the bearing post and squeaks. Only YYJ’s do what you are saying and not all of them.

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haha No worries.

If you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, Don’t like that noise just take apart your YoYo and screw it back together again like 30 times. I didn’t like it when it was happenening to my DV888 so I just did that and now it hasn’t squeeked since then.

My friend tries to make Techno beats with the squeaks on my DV888