why does my yeti squeak when i unscrew it …? the axel looks fine. is that normal it just started doing that today. ???

Most likely the bearing seat is a little tight. I’m not really sure what you can do about that.

If it doesn’t effect the play then you have nothing to worry about.

the play is fine! so does it mean that the yoyo is still as good as new?

Yes, good as new. A tight bearing seat squeaks when you take the yoyo apart.

yup a little squeking on a yoyo is no big deal your fine.

But if your not happy with it I’ll gladly take it

so i could still sell it good as new?

and why did it just now start making it didn’t do that before?

That’s just how things go sometimes.
Life is not a constant.

My newer yoyos always squeak when I unscrew/screw them

Yup you’re fine. Nothing to worry about.

Also there’s this made from a couple years ago. They do recommend avoiding taking it apart, just for tuning purposes. This is good to watch as a Yeti owner.

My metals squeak more than my yeti. And surprisingly my yeti plays smoother since I’ve opened it up about 4 times now.