Genesis or Super G or Code 1

Looking to get a full sized throw. I have a CLYW gnarwhal, but I can’t see spending $115+ on another CLYW throw. I thought of the fools gold Ave., but I want to experience diffrent companies. I strongly leaning between a Code 1 vs. Genesis. I like the looks of the Super G, but I’m not sure how it plays?

I have a gnarwhal and have used a genesis and super g, also supposed to get a code 1 in the mail any day now. The gnarwhal is a great yoyo and if you get a genesis you might trade down a little. The genesis is one of my all time favorites but when you compare it to the gnarwhal it has better stability than the gnar but just a little bit less spin time. I would pick my gnarwhal over my genesis if I had to compete with one of them. If you have some money to burn then get a mvp…much better than the genesis, super g, and gnarwhal, (or do what I did and go to the bst and pick one up).

Between the super g and genesis, I liked the genesis more…just do.

Hope that helped.

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I can’t comment on the Genesis or the Super G, but I DO have a Code 1.

I can also comment on the gnarwal as I have one of those too.

The CLYW products are really nive and I have quite a few and a trying to get a Sasquatch. Good stuff. I can see what the love is over these throws, all their stuff is really good in my opinion. I’ve bought all mine so far via BST, but I am not opposed to going “from a shop” for the Sasquatch, but I will try BST first.

However, well, then there’s One Drop and their Code 1. I must say I’m really liking this a lot more than any of my CLYW stuff I currently have, well, with the exception of the Avalanche, which I like because it’s full sized. I started with a DM2, and I’ve got undersized stuff, but I like the full sized stuff best. I really like how with the Code 1, all the weight is at the rims. I only have the smallest side effects, but I’m also trying to get a complete set of side effects to see how those affect performance. For the money of a new Code 1, or even a good one off BST, getting the side effects has the potential to give a different playing experience at less than the cost of a new quality yoyo for a complete set of side effects.

Thanks! I’m easy to convince ::). I ordered a Code 1 for my second metal. And it comes in RED, my favorite color for throws!. from most comments I’ve read on the boards, the Code 1 and avalanche are about equal throws. The side effects option was the decision breaker, that is just such a cool idea. need to check the B/S/T board to see if anyone is selling side effects.

I’ve tried all of those. You’ll love the Super G.