CODE 1 vs DANG vs Gnarwhal vs Super G



After a half year of yoyoing I want to buy a good metal yoyo.
For now I have been yoyoing only with a protostar.
I am trying to decide between:
-OD Code 1
-OD Dang
-CLYW Gnarwhal
-YYF Super G
I don’t really have any requirements in size or weight, but I want a yoyo that will spin long and be
very stable for easier practice. I wanted to buy a CLYW Chief but the price is too high.
Please help me to pick one of these yoyos!


Code 1. It’s a great average throw


clyw gnarwhal just pick it love it throw it and your happy


Depends if you like full sized or undersized. gnarwhal=undersized code 1=fullsized
I have a Dang and I love it. Its smooth, and it has grooves so its good for grinds. It also has side effects so you can change the weight.


The CODE1 also has Side Effects. ::slight_smile: Code1 or Gnarwhal would be my choice.


I just ordered blue with white splash gnarwhal.
I hope I will enjoy it :slight_smile:
Thx for help!



I have a Code 1 and a Gnarwal. Mixing it up is nice!