Code 1 or gnarwhal or spyy addiction 2

what are the pros and cons of each
can they all do horizontal
what should i get out of all those
thnx guys you rock

Well, these yoyos all have different shapes. The Code 1 is a definite H shape, the Gnarwhal has a more organic V Shape, and the Addiction is an organic shape. They’re all excellent players, but with my limited experience in horizontal, the Code 1 holds up best. The shape, size, and low wall all combine to make a very well performing horizontal yoyo. The Addiction is by far the worst horizontal throw out of all of these choices. The organic shape isn’t something you want for horizontal.

I prefer the Code 1 out of all of those yoyos. It’s slightly floaty, and has Side Effects, which allows you to customize the weight of the yoyo. To me, it’s the perfect yoyo.

You’re comparing 2 organics to an H shape. The H shape is going to win in horizontal