code 1

im looking for stabaility, good grinds, spin time over 5 min. horizontal playability, and a full sized throw. does the code 1 meet the qualifications?
note: o dont want it if it feels oversized.

It is oversized.
Depending on what you consider over sized.
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I have had a code 1 for about 6 months. It is very stable. It does not spin out on you even when it slows down like some other yoyos.
This thing is an amazing finger grinder. I can get to 5 Mississippi or over that when I am grinding. I do this with my bare hands and no alcohol or anything like that. Probably better than any yyf (not hating)
Horizontal is a check. It’s on the same horizontal level as my SPYY pro. It is a bit oversized, but you do not feel it because of the extreme slope/h-shape.
Bottom line: get this yoyo!