gnarwhal vs code 2?


Hey guys, I was wondering which do u think is better? Clyw gnarwhal or OD code 2? Which has a better bearing and spin time and which is smooth or floaty or solid and stuff, thanks!


Why not get the Chik when it comes out? Will be cheaper than either of those and looks amazing imo.




Lol, yes. Haha I get what u mean.

  1. j/k

If you’re options are those 2, get the code 2.


Do you also want to know which is faster?


Sure, which is smoother, more solid etc.


Never tried the code 2 but the Gnarwhal is great


They are two totally different yoyos.

Gnarwhal is on the smaller side. It’s an amazing yoyo, but due to the laws of physics it is a bit more tippy. On the other hand, the same principles that make it tippy also make it really quick to “correct” when you need to. :wink:

Although not the biggest yoyo in existence, the Code 2 feels much fuller in the hand. It is also stronger- and longer-spinning.

The Gnarwhal grinds a bit better (except for thumb grinds; the Code 2 IRG is great; Gnarwhal has none).

But the original point again: they are totally different. Other than both being yoyos, you’re comparing apples to oranges.


Why not try the CODE 1? A lot of people look past it now the CODE 2 is out, but it’s not like the C2 is a sequel or anything. The only thing that connects the two is really the fact that the community designed both. The CODE 1 is an amazing guy stable and floaty player that is a great throw in its own right.

But, since you didn’t ask about the CODE 1, if you like small and floaty, gnarwhal. Larger and solid, CODE 2