So I’m taking a look at the DNA, and it seems really amazing and has the right weight for me, plus it has hubstacks, which is pretty amazing.

I was also looking at the CLYW throws and I would like something light and fast, and I’ve always wanted to try a Caribou Lodge throw. I was thinking about the Gnarwhal (second run)

Which would you guys suggest?

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I have both a DNA, mutant DNA and a gnarwhal and they are completely different

The DNA is lighter than the 888 and plays really stable for its rounded butterfly shape, I prefer the mutant DNA over the DNA because its more stable and sleeps longer, and just a tip if you decide to get a DNA buy nubs because IMO its plays better without the hubstacks

The gnarwhal plays really smooth and fast, and its great at grinds and hop tricks

I will try to put a picture of them next to each other so you can see the shapes compared


I’m also thinking of the Code1… I love the Supernova Lite that I have which has the Protostar shape, so I’d like a yo-yo with that shape.

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Here is what an 888 next to a DNA next to a gnarwhal

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here is a gnarwhal next to a supernova next to protostar next to a DNA


Cool. Would you recommend the Code 1 by the way?

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Yea the code1 is great player and is shaped a lot like the superstar/dang if you have tried either I like the sideaffects a lot and its grinding surface is great


Is the DNA good for grinding?


IMO many CLYW yoyos are known for their trademark floatiness. So if you like floaty yoyos, a gnarwal would be great. As i have never thrown a DNA, i cant give you a comparrison. hope thats helpful ;D


Cool thanks. I’m not exactly in to floaty yoyos. I’m more of a light and stable thrower…


The dna can not grind to save your life, hehe. I would recommend the gnarwhal or the code 1 like the others are saying. I would probably go with the code because it will be easier to find and if you don’t like the weight then you can change it with side effects…kinda like tuning the weight. The gnarwhal is amazing and good for grinds as well but it will not be easy to find one for cheap or fair trade since there is an amazing amount of CLYW hype. Either will be great but I would suggest the code, hope that helps.


Cool. Code 1 is most likely gonna be the one I get


Code1 is a great yoyo. I’m sure you’ll like it.


Thanks, do you own one?

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The DNA is great at grinds but the mutant DNA isn’t in fact i think the DNA is better at grinds than the 888


Yeah, it was the 2nd OneDrop I got (first was a 54)


I would have to say the code 1 smooth,community designed,and side effects.


Cool. Now I’m looking at the Mad House Epic… so it’s either that or the Code 1.


Oh, I love the Epic. The new versions look even nicer than the old ones. Mine is loud, doesn’t spin for that long, but it’s really FUN!

If I didn’t already have one, I would get one of the new blue ones.


So… do you think I should get the Epic?

EDIT: Still thinking about the DNA, cause the new ones just came out…