General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


7075 aluminum with stainless steel rings.
6 months in the making, and now coming here to YYE!
You WILL notice the quality we are known for :slight_smile:
63.8 gr
56.4 dia
43.8 wide
4.4 gap.
My mission was to provide the finest quality bi-metal at an affordable price.
Stable as it gets, yet nimble for your fastest moves.


Hell yeah new general yo!!! Super excited

(major_seventh) #1323

Seriously, it’s incredible, and mine’s a b-grade…


what finish


Blasted as usual, the best in the industry!

The Legato is absolutely ridiculous, I could not believe how well my b grade played. Definitely don’t miss out on this one.


Do we know when they’ll drop on yoyoexpert?


Will be shipping within a week.
Keep an eye on our facebook page for details:


Awesome thanks


What bearing comes with the Legato?


will there be solids or classic splashes


Centering “K” bearing


See pic posted above.
3 colorways with splash


Heads up! Legatos are dropping here at YYE Saturday 10/29

(major_seventh) #1334

I don’t represent General-Yo, but I happened to record a trick with the Legato I wanna show off :stuck_out_tongue: Really cool yoyo.


How much will these cost on YYE?


This looks awesome Ernie. I cannot wait to try one when they drop. :slight_smile:


After it was all said and done, I really under priced them.


Right on. let me know what you think


I jumped and snagged an orange Legato!
WooHoo!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Can’t wait to get it in my hands…


Update us on how it throws!