General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


Not with this run. The only colorway is what you see in the picture and they are Bad A$$less :-\


Countdown clock should be here today for release tomorrow ;D


Any loose timeline for the 7075 KLRs?


Looks like machine time came up for next week.
Prolly 2 or 3 weeks after that


We had a setback with the 7075 KLR’s.
Most were over etched at the anodize shop, and were ruined.
Very few were released, and they didn’t make it to the stores.
We moved forward with a second run of the Prophecy, and used a technique that we do in processing aerospace parts.
Did a sulfuric gold type 2 localized on the bearing posts for the 2nd run of the prophecy. Total time control on the ano buildup. This will be a gen yo standard going forward.
Controlling smoothness with bearing posts, acid etching and anodize is a challenge.


Ernie, I couldn’t find much information on the process. Care to share some insight into what it does for you and why you chose it?

Sure looks cool. :slight_smile:


Without disclosing too much, basically figured out how to localize the type2 to the bearing seat prior to any other processing.
Reason is to maintain bearing post tolerance. Took me a while to come up with this.

(mysteriousyoyoer parvarsingh) #1308

Klr2 is a beast too bad it didn’t make to stores. And yeah I too noticed that.


Prophecy 2nd run completed

Ty Goldman violet


Love that BA skull engraving with the mortarboard instead of a top hat haha, very cool!


Sent to yoyooexpert yesterday!
All editions :slight_smile:


What’s the biggest difference, if any, between the Prestige, and the Prophecy? Is the Prophecy worth picking up if I already have the Prestige?


I also like those engravings.


Its a tad larger, and .5 gr different.
Some say its a prestige on steroids, some like the prestige more.
Just preference


We will retire the prestige soon with one more run.
This run will have the new GEN-19 pads. Same aerospace gasket silicone we make hat pads out of.
Use for all you 19mm response needs
now avaialble

(major_seventh) #1316

Oh my…

I’m gonna get a bunch of these.


are those the same thickness as the red had pads


Yes sir! Same

(major_seventh) #1319

Got this yesterday at Nats.

Perfection in every way.

Thanks again Ernie!


Thank you!
Working on the release for YYE as we speak :slight_smile: