General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


Some tricks that you can do on the Prophecy! Thank you and enjoy!  :slight_smile:


Second batch has been blasted, and anodized.
Did the traditional gen-yo blue with clear.
Might do a few one color solids.
Did an acid etch to the blast for an extremely nice finish.
Will work on them this weekend :wink:


So classy!


I’ve never tried a general yo before, I want to. The shape looks really nice


the amplitude is great


My 1 of a kind amplitude.
Its one half normal engravings and the other half James reed splash with Bad*** engraving over it…

The color looks like the ty Bad***

the pic makes it look dark purple


AGyoyo, that looks an awful lot like Photoshop.


I can take a diffrent picture if you want
I am taking one with life of fred book with it


Here it is


It’s just so weird to be able to still see the splashes underneath the engraving, that’s all. Sorry for doubting!


No problem :wink: :smiley:


Happy 4th everyone! ;D


Seconded, happy fourth everybody!

(major_seventh) #1294

It’s legit, just rare. Not everyone buys the standard editions sold on yoyo stores.


Are the prophecies almost here?


It’s not that-- it’s that the engraving still shows “splash” going through it. NORMALLY that wouldn’t happen. The yoyo would get splashed, and then the engraving would go through to raw aluminum, which wouldn’t show any artifacts of the splash. In the first pic, the engraving also looked kinda yellow, instead of silvery. But that can be attributed to incorrect white balance in the photo.


Shipping to YYE today
Keep an eye out


Check it out!


I <3 this yoyo. Good video.


Are any BAs coming to Yye? Countdown clock?