General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


Room for what? I liked the original design. Make multiple versions if you need to… Ignore the naysayers on this one.


YES!!! ;D


Hey Ernie, how’s the OD collab going?

(Owen) #1264

Looks great! Love whats going on in the hub.

(major_seventh) #1265

So will these have the standard Gen-yo blast or the glossy Amplitude finish?

crosses fingers for blast


Seconded. There’s no better feeling.


Indeed the traditional blast on this one!

(major_seventh) #1268





Getting close to production. Slight changes, and more clearance in center area.
Picks up soon!

(major_seventh) #1271



Is it soon yet ;D


anodized units are already being distributed in events.


Anyone have one feel like posting pics? Does that mean we should see them on shelves soon? Days? Weeks? Months?


I had to back out of posting pics, due to I don’t want to promote something on Andre’s site that wont make it to his store.
HOWEVER, the second batch is in production and WILL make it here for sure.
Very soon


Updated news,
Second batch of the prophecy has been machined.
Will blast/ ano/ test.
These will be available here at YYE :slight_smile:

Coming Soon to YoYoExpert!

Do you mind if people who bought some of the first batch post pictures?


Can’t wait to add to my collection. I need more BA’s!!!


Anyone know what colors to expect this run?