General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!

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Oooo nice, X-Mas money shall be saved until then.


sweeeeet! More great yoyos about to head our way!! :slight_smile:


For the longest time I have wanted to design a yoyo that lends itself to finger spins without having all the center weight. As the styles and tricks change, it forces the evolution of yoyos into areas that push the envelope of design and function. To be honest, I wasn’t thinking of yoyos when the idea just hit me. I would like to think it is a predestine shape that was meant to be…I introduce the “Prophecy”.
56.8 dia
44 wide
64 gr
4.35 gap


Looks fantastic!

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Looks like a Prestige with a different cup…

Darn, I want it ;D


Similar to the prestige shape, not exact.
Even if your not into horizontal stuff, this design just hits the sweet spot for everyday fun throwing.


That weight and design. Wow. Gorgeous. Now please give us some lovely colors and i may even buy a couple. Been waiting for a yoyo to strike my fancy in 2015. This may be the first.


That looks great Ernie!


Never fail to impress Ernie!


Looks very nice indeed! I must ask though, how exactly does this design “lend itself to finger spins”? By the looks of that nub it’ll be incredibly difficult to land on and if you miss those walls around it look a tad unforgiving. I would have thought that the best design for finger spins is something like the Strix/Horizon/Elysian, a smooth concave surface that guides your finger into the middle…

Don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing and the stats sound great, I’m just having a difficult time picturing exactly how it’s design translates to ease of fingerspins. :-\


For the designs you mentioned, there is allot of material/weight in the center to achieve that.
Most finger spins I see in competition are done by catching a rim corner. The finger is not spinning directly in the center of the yoyo.

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Really does look great… it’s at the top of my wants. I’ll get one eventually…


t is common belief that AC2/anglam/valor does not spin as well as shutter/2syy/even a flat hub that isnt too wide or shallow.
Even if people do call it an IRG spin, when the yoyo is fully horizontal you still want to allow your finger a degree of freedom across chords of the hub to let it take advantage of lesser linear velocities; at the very least, having such a groove means another wall to the finger to cause more friction and also impossibility to adjust a spin by hopping without drastically losing spin. Also if you happen to lang inside the ring gg

I l give you on the material saving part, but L5(concentric spin so maybe irrelephant)/shutter/2syy does this just as well.


I do the “edge/off-center” fingerspin on a lot of yoyos, and I’ve experienced the Elysian for fingerspins; I have to admit, I have to join the ranks of those not seeing this as a potential fingerspin monster. I also don’t think many of the ‘concave hub’ fingerspin yoyos have tonnes of center weight.

There’s an easy way to shut up the naysayers, though-- put it in the hands of someone known for fingerspins and they’ll say “Yeah, I didn’t believe it at first, but this thing kills at fingerspins!!!”


Yea, will let the player try it out alright!
My initial idea was to make a larger, improved yoyo than the prestige.
I wanted to add a finger spin option better than what I had out there, keeping the spin time.
Still in the development stages.


Wow! It’s been a while, Ernie you are still making spectacular yoyos! I never cease to be amazed with General-Yo.

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I was able to try out Sam Lopez’s Prophecy proto and I must say–it is one of the best playing yoyos I’ve tried! I love the shape, weight and size of the yoyo. It plays like an even better Prestige. The Prestige is actually still my favorite yoyo. I didn’t get to try the Prophecy out for too long but this one would probably take the place of my Prestige as my new favorite. It’s a little bit bigger and it plays fairly light. It flows very well. You gotta get one, or at least try one if you get the chance!


The hype starts…


I also love the Prestige… a “better” Prestige is the kind of hype I can go for. :wink: BUT… how did that hub do for fingerspins? :wink:


I am removing the center nub. Need more room in there.