General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


Will there be any with your signature blast?


Any BA editions?


…on their way to the UK (for me?)?!

(major_seventh) #1184

They all look amazing…. I’ll say that again…. but…

No Ty Goldman Gold? lol ;D


Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. :slight_smile:


I like the James Reed Splash! I am getting my Prestige soon from a trade and I already want one of these, an M10, and a Majesty!


Check out my review on the forums under yoyo reviews :slight_smile:


Nice review. I think the colorways look great. Not sure what some peoples deal is lol.


those colorways are great earnie. I hope to get my first general yo throw here sometime soon…

(major_seventh) #1190

You better ;D


Finalized colorway name is “volcano red”

(major_seventh) #1192

Sounds better.

Rockin’ Red was cool but a bit cheesy ;D I like them both though


Nod to Van Halen? Eruption Red maybe???


Once my Amplitude arrives I’ll be using up this. Saved it for a long time now. In case no one recognizes it, it is the last of my Gen-yo Kevlar string.


Nice string!




Thanks, I like it.


Will there be a booth at NER? I saw you are a sponsor so I figured I’d ask.


YYE booth will be there.
Everything sold there will go through YYE.
I am still doing the finishing touches. Wont make it in time.


Oh alright.