General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!


Agreed. I don’t call anything “undersized” until it’s 52mm and below. There’s a gray area and nobody to enforce the categorizations (thankfully!), but to me even 52.x is mid-sized. They keep calling the Werrd Minute an “undersized” throw, but it’s got more in common with the Puffin than with a Supra.

Looking forward to seeing more about the Amplitude! If it’s at ano now, it won’t be TOO long before the shots we’ve all been waiting for.


Please try to get some Amplitude BAs to the UK!


Here is one of the colorways I am doing:
Rockin Red



TA’s gonna be all over this one


Are any of them going to be blasted? The blast on the Prestige was awesome.


I hope so.


Also, are the BA solid colors?

(major_seventh) #1168

Such a fresh color way for General Yo!


That’s a nice colourway!


Not sure what colors will have badass yet.
We are shooting for some awesome purple :o


Looking forward to it!


Happy birthday Ernie!!


ditto. Hope you had a good birthday man!


Happy bday!


Here is the line-up.
Engraving in 2 more weeks
Red Rock, Ty Goldman violet, James Reed splash


They look good enough to eat !!

Nice work Ernie…

Are the Ty Goldman & James Reed a blasted finish ?


Nooooo! Let me get one before engraving!

(major_seventh) #1178

Holy cow…….



Amplitude at bac?


Try it out.
See James reed or Ty Goldman