General-Yo's official news: MINI-STAR2!

(major_seventh) #1141

Well I could see him not knowing about the bada designs as there were none on the Prestige.

Pretty stocked for this!


That is exactly why I asked along with there only being a couple with the newer M10.


Will these be at the meet in Corona tomorrow?

(major_seventh) #1144

There’ll be pre pros




Any pics of anything from people that went?


There will be a video of the event, not sure when it will be ready though.


Any thoughts on possible color ways?


I would love to see Ernie do a Blue/Orange half and half colorway. I love those two colors combined.


You and me both!


I’m looking forward to the bada$$ editions!


Amplitudes are at anodize :-*


Can’t I just get a raw one???


They don’t normally sell raw ones on the site, you have to contact him in person to get a raw one.


Colorways are special for Ty Goldman, and James Reed this run.


Looking forward to it!


Its really good! The undersized just makes it all the better.


I love undersized throws, the hatrick is absolutely my favorite yoyo.


Look forward to seeing them boss!


The Amp is about 54 mm.
I would not consider that undersized.
I would say more mid-sized.