General-Yos Magnum

Now that’s some nice work!

How much are they?

They should retail for around $300.

really? thats not bad, i think i might get one, that and a mini star

(Directed at $P!N N3RD) I own one, and belive me, it is worth every penny! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

i hope theyre realeased after worlds though, because im broke right now… and im buying aton of yoyos at worlds, im sure my parents wont let me get it though

Those look beautiful… :o

they better not sell out before i get one! same goes to mini stars

EDIT: when will they be released? how can i convince my parents its worth it (if i pay of course)

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i believe they are already out. at blc, ernie had one and i think that is the one james bought

i hope yye gets them, they should give it to me for free ::slight_smile: ;D

^^ it was cause he made ernie a shelf to hold his yoyos

npt trying to be a know it all,but its a 4.2 gap not 3.2, ernie said it on his original post that he accidentally put 3.2. just so people know… but i SOOOOO want this, and theres one that starts with an e thats coming out too, i better start saving!

To clear up the false information in this thread, the Magnums haven’t even been produced yet, so they’re definitely not sold out.

LOL, why are they even talking about it then? What if they don’t even get produced?

OK I thought that was a bit odd. Wow 4.2 is the perfect gap width too. Beautiful looking throw. Too bad I’m far too broke to ever own one at this point :-\

produced means production version, there was a pre pro i think. (this may infact be false info)

Correct. Though, produced doesn’t necessarily mean the production version, it just means it will get made.