How many of you cant wait for the 2010 General Yo throws?

I know I cant haha I just cant wait its gonna be amazing.

Yes it is :wink:

Its going to be the next big thing, after seeing the 5Star HATrick and Torrent.

ME WANT HATRICK! The first time I saw one being used (Samads videos) I automatically wanted one. I hope I will have enough money when they come out. Does anybody have a general idea of when they should come out?

Still have no idea talked to some people but still dont know aaghhh haha!

There is going to be one more run of hatricks, and hatricks only.

I heard an MG yoyo is gonna be made by them. Last I talked to him, he said it would retail around $300. WOW. Lucky to those that can get them!

What is an MG?

Just a guess. Magnesium.

Ya, Mg is is the abbreviation for Magnesium.

Nailed it!

Yes, new throws!

At the DXL meet, I tried out the new Magnesium yoyo! It was awesome! It played like nothing I have ever played before. It was heavy and kinda gave a thunk when I threw it down but then when you did string tricks it played sooo light! It felt as if nothing on the string. Ernie was tring to make it the MG yoyo like a gigantic 5 Star! I asked him what is the point of using Magnesium? He said well, MG is really light, so I can add a ton of weight to the rims. (The yoyo has FAT rims) He also said it was gonna have a nickel finish.

I’m gonna try the new run hatrick at the Cal-State contest. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]

there is also a plastic prototype

The Collabricorn? Its out already, lol.

it isn’t even on the homepage, Last I talked to Ernie though there were only 2 left I am pretty sure that by now they are gone.

Oh yah Im doing Chemistry right now shoulda known that hehe.

It is acrillion not plastic. :wink: (Don’t know if that is how you spell acrillion though. I think this is how it’s prenounced: A-krill-e-on.)