General-Yo Magnum: A High Speed YoYo Review

Magnesium, good old atomic number 12 on the periodic table of elements. Magnesium is an interesting metal, with some unusual facts. It is used to make car parts, electronics, and medications for acid reflux and restless leg syndrome. It also burns with a bright white glow when powdered or cut into thin strips and it reacts slowly when submerged in water. My favorite fact is that magnesium is the 9th most abundant mineral in the universe due to its buildup in supernova stars. That means that the material for the wheels we drive on and the yo-yo I am reviewing today could have potentially been in the heart of a star. While all the fun facts are cool, one has to ask, why bother with machining a yo-yo out of it? Magnesium is a tough metal to work with due to the fact that the shavings can ignite in certain conditions. Even though it is tough to work with it does have one large upside, it is two-thirds the density of aluminum while being just as strong allowing for some interesting weight distribution in the objects made from it. Today I am reviewing the Magnum, the fifth design from Ernie Kaiser and General-Yo. The Magnum is Ernie’s first foray into the realm of exotic metals and his first entry in the world of full sized yo-yos. This yo-yo was a labor of love for Ernie, spanning 10 months of engineering and redesigns in order to push the absolute limits of what he could do to a yo-yo. Now is the time to see whether all of this hard work has paid off making a long lasting, shining star or if the Magnum is just shooting star destine to burn out and fade from memory.

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Awesome review as always :wink:

awesome yoyo and expensive.