general yo ipod background

this image is retina display friendly … feel free to take it and use it

updated version on pg 2

just tried it on retina display… it looks fantastic

Looks great! Except I have only thrown a General Yo once. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh…It’s really basic.

Really? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I like it.

Yeah, I know that most of the elements in this composition are either pre-set stamps or from a download packet.

I know my photoshop.

Caution guys, here comes mister buzzkill!

Hahaha, I like it, I use a image from spawn though because it matches my theme very well. Love it though, could you make a more basic highres image like, white with got trick like the skull tees?

As do I. Don’t act like it’s a big deal. You could at least give some feedback instead of just expressing your disapproval.

Like this: You can try making the text more dynamic to match the rest of your image. Don’t worry about Bug whining about your work. I haven’t seen him do anything besides gradients and cookie-cutter slaps either.

Actually I used gimp 2.6… And it is just a manipulation of other pix… I really just wanted to design a pic for my ipod


Honestly, I think it would be 10 times better without the little eraser dots and your name in the corner.

I never said it wasn’t good, did I? I just said it’s basic. Take for example, FL studio is really basic compared to logic studio, but it still get the job done, eh?

(PS: I do use cookie cutters, I just try to make the layers more complex, take for example, if I remember correctly, the 28 story template had 120+ layers and took 2 hours to perfect.

Hey, now that we know he’s not using photoshop, let’s try to shut up. You don’t need to plug your work in someone’s thread, either.

Also, I find it hilarious that you spent 2 hours “perfecting” something that’s supposed to be chaotic and random :wink: . I needa PM you some photoshop challenges soon, to see where your skills are :slight_smile:

But enough off topic garbly-gook.

Overall, I like your image. Next time I’d make the text more dynamic and involved with the rest of the image, and I’d make your name smaller and more integrated or into a watermark.

Or just get rid of it, I wouldn’t use it unless I could edit it out of it wasn’t there. I am one of those picky guys.

Credit is due where credit is due. Any self-respecting graphic designer knows that.

I could post a version without the dissolve dots and a smaller name… Is this a go?

And Cameron (and his yoyo)… I understand you don’t like the name in the corner, so I will reduce it in size and match the background color a bot more, but I will not remove it because I don’t want someone else to take credit for it

How do you fit such a large picture on a small screen?

It’s the same resolution as a new iPhone or Itouch … They just crammed more dots into the same screen… And it looks really good

When ever I create images, I don’t put my name or watermark on it. Because I know people like me don’t want to see it.

Resolution is the number of pixels, not the size of the screen. So the resolution is much higher because of the smaller pixels crammed in there. But they are not the same as previous iPods. Just thought I would throw it out there. Also, don’t change your image for me in general, I won’t use it.

I’m not going to take the first one down… But I will put a revised version up for others who have the same sentiment and will use it

Well could I recommend you put the star and design under the throw and then get rid of any other effects so you can see the throw?

ill try that in another picture… i just couldnt seem to make that work in this one…

here is the update