General-Yo iPod Background (because things go better in threes)

Guess who’s hopping on the General-Yo Wallpaper train. Guess!

I feel the “Got Trick” text needs improvement, but this is for fun so I’m gonna let it be.



I love it except for the transparent Hatrick. Less transparency or get rid of the black spots and stuff behind it so it looks less grungy?

It’s an overlay, not transparency :wink:

And grungy is what I’m going for! :slight_smile:

Oh, ok, well I just don’t care for the grungy on the yoyo.

So far you’ve criticized 2 out of the 3 Gen-YO Wallpapers. Not being mean, I just find it funny :wink: . I want to see you make one now… In fact, everyone should make one; theres already been 3!

If I would make one, it would be short and sweet, the Gen Yo logo with the got trick? under it on a white backing. I feel these just have too much in them. And I criticized all of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. If I was to use one myself it would prolly end up being more simplistic. Plus it wouldn’t be a General-Yo logo :wink:

I love General Yo, and their logo is great, I love how Save Deth does their logos though. plus I am too lazy to change.

The initial concept is absolutely stunning, however, the background is low quality.

Grunge works well w/ General Yo, but the execution and filters/effects used make it give it a pixelated feel.

The Got trick shouldn’t have a blending effect set to it at all. I think Normal at 100% Opacity/Fill would make it better.

Same for the General Yo Logo.

So, overall, I like, but I think it could use some refining. I would suggest just toning down the grunge effects, and that should increase the quality by a great deal :wink:

We should try a Photoshop collab sometime. I think we could do something cool :slight_smile:

That was my initial concern, but I wanted SOME way to make it look like it fit. Perhaps I should omit the black-white gradient and just ride with the pattern overlay? I won’t just make it normal at 100% opacity, though, because it’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

The BG is grainy because the pattern is a grunge pattern blended with sandy pattern, which was then blended to an american flag.

Hit me up if you do, in fact, want to do a collab. I might have time soon.

EDIT: Did you like the script with the stroke behind the “Got Trick”?. I’ve been doing that sorta thing lately and I think it is a good way to tie the bottom third of the image together

Okay :wink:

But, I’d do something. That just doesn’t blend well right now.

Just gonna put this down here to make sure it gets seen :wink: This is another example of the script behind the text. This is currently my wallpaper.

I plan on doing something to change the “Got Trick”. I mentioned from the beginning that it wasn’t quite right hahahaha

imo the way to improve the ‘got trick’ text would be to make it match the general yo text at the top…

this is a fantastic work, i am impressed