General-Yo iPod Wallpaper

Here’s the catch:

The Gen Yo Logo, Essence, and BadA** Art are SCRATCHED!!!

Yep. 2hrs of scratch work. The BA art was the hardest, but, I was lucky to find a Ministar Pic on Ernie’s Website w/ a pretty straight side view :slight_smile:

The lines leading to the spike point were sort of necessary. It’s hard to make that w/o 3D effects, and I didn’t want them for that, since it was a Vexel.

I feel that the Essence in that styling doesn’t match the rest of the image at all. I do like that you made the BA graphic into a usable image for the background; did you vectorize it or just do it in PS?

I like it! I’d probably use it if I already didn’t have (the best) iPod background.

Dude, your wallpaper is the black factory set one… Lol, I like my save deth one the best.

Nah I changed it.

Scratched it in Photoshop.

And, I felt a different approach was needed than a simple render of the Essence. The BG has a bit of refining to do, and it should look better :slight_smile:

I like the direction you took with the Essence, but it’d look even better if you made the General-Yo logo with the same styling. Right now they look like they belong on two separate themes.

I can do that :slight_smile:

V2 comes in 2 versions, 1. because, for some odd reason, I was feeling slightly patriotic, 2. because I felt It could use a revamp :slight_smile:

If you have to ask, don’t ask.

Got rid of the Digital Camo pattern, redid the Gradient, and adjusted the logo to fit the Essence Sketch more.

I like this version a lot better. Everything just ties together more completely.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you like the USA Edition one? I thought it was a nice touch :slight_smile:

Yes. It matches the General-Yo feel. Having a General-Yo image without any sort of patriotic symbolism just doesn’t seem right!

True. Very true :slight_smile:

Its funny, the Essence in your USA backround is just like mine, except its unengraved.

Anyways, they look really sweet, nice job!


I. Want. It. 200 for it? xD

To make the USA one more cooler IMO, try to make the halves not lined up perfectly to where it is a straight line. Make them more natural, like on the back half the lines are about 50 degrees more counter clockwise.

I agree with the above statement ::slight_smile:

Edit: But not 50 degrees, though. More subtle.

I think 50 or 45 would work better because they aren’t perpendicular and they aren’t too close. And I mean 50 from where it is now (about 100 degrees from the top).

hey!.. you guys did great! its clear to me we have different styles of art… but if we didnt it wouldnt be art would it… i like them