phone backgrounds


hi all! im always changing the background wallpaper on my mobile phone and i wanted some yoyo related ones, so i got on photoshop and made a few for me and my friend lostprophet! I thought id share them with you guys n gals!
These were made for the iphone but Ive tried on other phones and they work fine!

I’ll will be doing more! Any requests ill have a bash!

hope you like em!

(JM) #2

w00t, more talent!


Nice. I like it. A lot.


lol I wouldn’t say talent, I just dip my toe in the photoshop pool! lol

(JM) #5

While what you did doesn’t take much work, you made the simple things stand out. Bravo.


thanx man! i normally stick to simple photohoping of my photography, levels WB etc basic tweeks, not much but i like dabble!

(SR) #7

Wow, that is amazing!


could you do one of a genisis? Or a DM, or an x con?


yeah ill do them 2moro…or later today… its 3:30am time for bed! lol


lovin it thats talent the one i have is the yoyonations candy rain graphic

(Chris Allen) #11

VERY well done. I would love to see more, and some YYE and YoYoSkills ones also!


heres some YYE ones i just did! both similar but one with a red-black gradient! enjoy


Wow. You did make the simple amazing. I especially love the one on the right.



I’ve go the photoshop bug again now! LOL!

heres a DM one i just did!


here you go Moefv!

hope u like it!

i dont feel its my best, im tired, ill do another when i more awake! lol


That’s still awesome.


thanx man!

(Marc) #18

Is there anyway you could do one with the cut?


yeah, which cut do u want? ill do it tomorow! its midnight here and im up early for university! oh joy lol!

(Marc) #20

know what you mean I gotta move back in this weekend :stuck_out_tongue:
the new gold annoed one would be cool and much thanks!