General sword or Shutter


Hello all good
I have a velocity and I think it falls short, the sleeper is not to last long and weighs nothing, which I think is important.
Now I do some bind and I think I threw it pretty well and who was thinking of changing I started reading forums.
The question I have is between the general sword and shutter although other recommendations will be well received. Mi budget is around 50$ (40€)
Sorry for this google translate :smiley:
Thanks and regards.


Shutter all the way


The Cypher has already dropped at certain stores. Might be a little expensive though.


I got a shutter. It is simply the best. After all, it did win worlds!

(major_seventh) #5

You should never buy a yoyo because of something like this :wink: Any yoyo could have won worlds. But I agree, the Shutter is amazing. Very fun as well.


you should have said that to my brother before he got the loop 1080 when shu takada won worlds in 2010. he broke them and quit yoyoing.


Loop 1080s were out in 2010? I thought YYF’s team was using 900 protos.


I think he means after shu won worlds. Then again loop 1080s are probably really damn good. Maybe your brother was trying to progress too quickly?


The winner is C3 level 6.


I agree that because the shutter was used by Gentry to win worlds does not make it the best yoyo for you. Yes the Shutter is a good throw but I like the Level 6 better and the Cypher just blows me away.

Too many choices. Too little money to spend.


cypher dont arrive in europe yet. in blue is awesome.