GE vs Royal

(UmeNagisa) #1


I’m wondering which of these i should get FIRST

i do plan on picking up the other one eventually.

i like fast solid throws as well as smooth and floaty throws.


Glacier Express I think currently has items in stock.

Royal is completely different and amazing in its own way. I have both, I like both.

It really depends what you are looking for. Flip a coin. You can’t lose.

(UmeNagisa) #3

you know what?
ive been getting into grinds alot

do you mind telling me which is a good grinder?
ill be gettin that first!


I’m not good at grinds, so I can’t say first hand. A friend nearby also has a Royale and he says it’s one of the best grinders he has. He also has a Glacier Express. We got Royales at the same time and I ordered our GE"s at the same time.

(UmeNagisa) #5



Royales are in stock here at YYE.