AR-T Grail vs 420

I know both yoyos are completely different, I’m just interested in your opinion. which is better for you Grail or 420 and why?

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i can tell you why i haven’t pulled the trigger on a 420… because every time i think about it, i’m reminded it looks like a wagon wheel compared to the grail. and i’m not into larger throws.


I prefer the grail. Yes, both grail and 420 are meant for fun, casual play… but for me, grail feel much more comfortable in my hand, feels lighter, and has better control… Those are the reasons grail become my organic EDC…

Both if you can. As you mentioned, they are completely different. They are also both amazing good fun. I suppose if I could only have one it would be the Grail, though.


I much prefer the 420. Not to say I don’t like the Grail; it is similar in ways and arguably the better of the two, I just love the unique feel of the 420. Low RPM regens and slow floaty goodness is my jam!

When you watch any of Jensen’s videos using the 420 you can immediately see how differently it moves compared to any other throw. Once you get a good feel for how it plays (and it’s massive size) you can really open up a whole new style of play,