AR-T grail vs life

AR-T grail or life which is better in your opinion why and what is differents between them?
(Am I mistaken or does life look like clyw canvas? if the game has similarities?)

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If you mean the grail they are very similar in specs but very different in play. The grail is floaty and not the most stable. Even weight distribution. I feel in total control with the grail.

The life is rim weighted for spin time but is lacking in personality to me. The a-rt website called it the anti grail. I think it’s fitting.

I prefer the grail but both are great for what they set out to do. I think the grail is truly unique where the life feels like an other solid throw. The grail may be my favorite throw ever. Definitely the one I have spent the most time with in the past year.

I haven’t thrown a canvas but I would imagine the life plays closer to the canvas than the grail.

Hope this helps. Grail on left. Life on right.


Thanks a lot :+1:

This is amazing comparison! And I couldn’t agree more :+1:

I also personally prefer the grail. It is so much fun, fast, floaty, controllable, and light… Every throw is a satisfaction for me. Life has more rim weight, spin time, and stability, so it’s more suitable for longer trick.

Both are magnificent tho :ok_hand:


@TurdFerguson69 has got it right. The Life was one of the best throws to be released last year. A really solid trick machine that can handle multiple strings and keep going. The Grail less so, but still holds its own. I find the Grail has a bit more character and is really fun to just jam with. Life for tricks, Grail for joy. I love them both.


Grail is far far better than Life. The Life is kinda unremarkable. Grail is renowned for good reason!