Should I get a Puffin and a Glacier Express?


if you can afford both then why not? haha.


Ehhh, why the instant replay on this?
How many times are you going to ask this yet?

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No its not how you think it jhb. I did a poll for cliff,glacier express, or puffin and the result was Glacier express and puffin. As a result, I did another poll to see if the community recommends getting both.

If you can afford it then why not?

If you cannot afford it, I would not know why you made this topic.

Well I actually mean would these 2 throws be a good combo(I have a chief already)

Yes they would. Get a Sasquatch and a puffin.

Puffins aren’t really my favorite shape. Get a glacier express then get something by one drop.

Just curious would a gnarwhal be fine since I don’t really like full-sized throws.

dude its your money get what you want.

-_- I’m asking what the community thinks of this combo

You have made almost 3+ topics on this. If you like undersized go for the undersized. If you like smooth go for a smooth. If you like H-Shape go for H-Shape. Pick the ones you like.