gasket maker vs silicone


while i was looking for flowable sili i went to my auto parts store and i found RTV silicone and a whole bunch of gasket maker

now i know that gasket maker works but i was wondering what color works best for tight binds but not to grabby?


RTV works the best In my opinion. Red, to be exact.

Not sure on gasket.

(JonasK) #3

RTV silicone, or room-temperature vulcanization silicone is normally used to make gaskets (hence the name gasket maker) around car parts like an oil pan . RTV silicone comes in a rainbow of different colors. These colors show the abilities of the RTV silicone. These abilities are things like high-temp resistant, chemical resistant, sensor safe and things like that. I’m not sure, but I think that most of the colors are pretty much the same nowadays.

The flowable silicone that we use in yoyos is also called a glass and windshield sealant. It is made to flow out evenly in cracks and then seal them. Therefore, it is a bit easier to apply than other types of silicone.

Look at the tubes/cartridges and you will see what the silicone is meant to be used for. Red RTV gasket maker is a popular choice, but there’s really nothing wrong with a regular windshield sealant.

Addment: If you read the article on silicone on Wikipedia, it actually states that silicone is used in yoyos: