Galactic Goose VS Hatrick

i like a round shape and a yoyo that is REALLY unresponsive and good for grinds and whips

i was so close in buying a hatrick but now it is discontinued and its hard to buy it new >:( :frowning: :-[

Please go somewhat easy on the emoticons. Thanks!

welli changed my mind i im planning to get a galactic goose or hatick which one?

The hatrick seems to fit your preferences the best.

Galactic Goose. Hatricks are like really responsive for like 3 weeks I’ve heard. But have a good time trying to find both. Don’t mean to be negative, but both of them are really rare and hard to find.

They’re both good, Galactic Goose is more unique imo

The Galactic Goose is not exactly a round shape. It’s a unique wing shape, but chances are the Hatrick fits your preferences best. Both are extremely unresponsive as long as you properly care for the bearing and response.

Yeah, so more a Hatrick. If you can find one.

Galactic goose, where are you going to get a HATrick?