g5 width??

is the g5 really that thin cuz i noticed that its width is about 36.5 mm which seems thin to me

is it really that big of a problem…

Yes it is that size, as it says it is, and no it’s not a problem, it’s how they wanted it to be.

The g5 is really thin but it still plays great

I thought the same thing before I got one, but I loved it when I got it. The shape makes up for the width, so don’t worry.

I use a G5 as my main throw. The width has never bothered me yet.

I slapped a pair of rice stacks on it, and it’s one bad-looking* bad agent :wink:

*Bad-Looking is a GOOD thing :wink:

well thats seems to be resolved ;D

im just wondering if yyf is gonna come out with a 2011 g5 soon

I personally don’t think a revision is needed ::slight_smile: