i want to get a G-5 but i have never used one. any help about proformenc would be nice?

When I tried one I loved it. Smooth stable z-stacks also, it has a small gap and it is shape thinner than most throws. Z stacks are awesome! What level are you?? Are you good new average, or expert? You also need to bind with it.

And good grinds.

Verry verry good throw. i bought one, then traded it, missed it, and bought another one.

I thought it was a decent throw when I had it a long time ago. The z stacks are kinda cool but more a gimmick than anything. I preferred mine without stacks, it played faster and lighter.

I have two.
Would I get two voluntarily if I didn’t like them?
No, they’re epic. love everything about them.

Get one they are great!

It’s an awesome yo-yo! The only thing I don’t like about it is the small gap, but that’s just my personal preference.

Thanks and I’m very good!!!

The gap is slightly larger than 4mm, which is sufficient. Any more than that and you can get slippy, especially with the response groove size in YYFs. Do you mean the catch area?

I love the G5 its great, especially for 5a

I really hope yyf makes a small bearing edition

Yeah, sorry I probably should have been more clear.

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I’ve got a G5 for sale if anyone is interested…

How much for your g-5 ?