G5 vs Superstar

Which is more stable? Which is more smooth? Which is better in your opinion?

Superstar was a bit more smooth, and G5 more stable, IMO.

I personally felt the Superstar was a better overall player. Nice and solid, I thought it was more stable, and it felt like an overall winner.

SuperStar blows the G5 out of the water IMO.

Hows the G5 on 1a advanced string tricks?

Any 1A yoyo is good for string tricks as long as it has a bearing in it. Haha.

I like the G5 better though just because it’s noisier. And I like my yoyos noisy. (I’m not weird.)

As an added note, the G5 feels heavier on the string for me.

Superstar Is better IMO

I was just mostly wondering if the z stacks would effect stability or smoothness. I think im going to buy an 888x…what do you think of that yoyo? can you get z stacks for it?