Superstar and G5.

(Mitch) #1

These two yoyos seem really similar and Im stricken in love with my G5 and the Kentaro World Champ Superstar is coming out… I get to spend one more paycheck on what ever before I have to start saving… Im thinking about this super star…

Can any one help me compare and contrast these two?

(G5) #2

All I know is that I got a g5 and I love it.

(J. Lev) #3


I’d go with the Superstar in your case. They are very different, actually. The G5 shape can be kinda awkward. I tossed both of them, and the Superstar blew me away. It was quite the yoyo.

(Mitch) #4

Im bumpen this because it kinda got kicked to the curb…

Like I said… Wanna buy a Superstar because they are similar and I just wanted some help comparing and contrasting…

Doesn’t the Kentaro superstar look awesome!