G5 vs. Super G


I was planning on having my friend do the G5 part, but he didn’t show so I had to do it.
Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:


VERY well done. Bravo.


Thank you, I appreciate your comment. :slight_smile:

(M.DeV1) #4

I WOULD HAVE DONE THE G5 PART! jeez i cant come over on the weekdays cause of school so dont tell me you need to borrow my G5 on monday and then make the video BY YOURSELF wednsday!


To TheYoyoist101:
On Saturday(11/12), you said you would see if you could come over on Sunday (11/13). I made and edited the video on Sunday,(11/13) the day you said you would check if you could come over, yet you didn’t, because you wouldn’t respond and I was loosing daylight . On Monday(11/14) I had the video upload on youtube while I was at school as a convenient, then on Tuesday (11/15) I put it here.

(M.DeV1) #6

so you filmed AND edited everything BEFORE you contacted me to do the G5 part? that dosent make any sense.


To TheYoyoist101:
I first texted you Sunday at 11:50 AM (11/13), in fact I called AND texted you on Saturday (11/12) to prepare, but you didn’t reply, instead you sent me one Nasty message, (and i wasn’t liking them Nasty messages), then you said you would check if you could come over on Sunday (11/13). On Sunday (11/13) I texted you at 11:50 AM pitching the idea of this video, and got no response whatsoever, it want until 2 or 3 pm (11/13) was it I started filming because of the daylight and you weren’t responding.



Nice to take up the slack to complete the project. Interesting video. Fun viewing.

Regarding the next, please take it to PM or back to email, texting or the phone. It ain’t worth fighting over and if you’re friends, it’s not worth losing friends over. Why doesn’t the other guy do the same thing: borrow the friend’s yoyo and do another “one throw vs. another” video and even it out.

Then you can both do a battle video and let us vote. Winner takes bragging rights.


That is a good idea, but I didn’t borrow any throws.
The G5 an Super G are both mine.


Superg wins