1A Battle[Jdog95,yokid5000,andrewyoyo, and KAPcom


The battle is 1A, and 3 throws the videos will probly be posted within a week depends on when i get the videos all together


Here my video:

(202andrew) #3

heres my video.


Hey, is it okay if I wait for my new throw to come in the mail before i make my vid? If not, that’s fine.


Its okay with me. I will remake my video.


;D Thanks, I appreciate it.

(202andrew) #7

same. whats your new trow. I would gladly wait for it to come. how long till it comes.


yeah sure it’s fine i have to wait for my new silicone caues i need it for my new breed

(Frank W.) #9

Hey why don’t you guys make a poll and have one person post all the vids instead of everyone doing their own.


Gettin a C13 when it decides to ship.


Here is my new video:


yeah i will probly do that but i dont know how so does any one of u guys want to set it up?

(202andrew) #13

cool;. After you get it tell me how it plays. they are so cool.


srry guys my video isnt coming along as good as i thought i will have it done probly by next wensday cause i just ordered my dv888 so plz dont be mad


eh, fine by me. Got the yoyo, just havn’t had more than an hour of play time all week.


well i just have to wait cause my new breed broke and for some reason my x con is just acting funny so i thought it was time for me to get a metal


Define “Broke”


the axle is bent srry i shouldnt have used the word broke just out of service