Someone yoyo battle me.

Stealing links thunder here but I want to do a yoyo battle too. I personally consider myself a pretty good yoyoer. I got 30th out of 62 people at PNWR if that means anything.

I will.

It’s on! :wink:

Okay Greg! Do you want to do a One throw, one minute thing, or 2 minutes, no cuts, as many tricks as we can fit in? Or if you have any suggestions that’s great too.

GregP in a battle. :wink: I’ll take the winner. (Depending on how good y’all are.) ;D

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Ack! What have I gotten myself into? I don’t have enough skills to battle. :wink: I meant that it’s on between Mason and yoyokid8. :wink: I was excited to be a spectator!

Okay yoyokid you and me! How do you want to do this?


I knew what you meant, just couldn’t resist seeing you squrim. :wink: I am also not ready for any yoyo battles. Maybe I could amaze you with my combo of 3 intermediate tricks. :smiley:

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Me and yooldman. Battle of the old semi-skilled guys. I should grow my grey beard before filming. :wink:

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