G5 vs Dingo


What do you guys think on this one?
I have the ability to get either one right now and I don’t know which.


I have zero interest in the G5.

The Dingo is really tiny but is a good player. Think along the lines of stuff like Popstar and Token kind of sizes, but the Dingo is both small diameter and narrow width, where-as the Token is more of a scaled to smaller from a regular size and maintains the proportions better.

These are just two entirely different yoyos. Are you shopping based on price or are you really checking out the specs? Despite my lack of interest in the G5, I’m thinking this might be the better option for you to follow on this decision. The Dingo is loads of fun, but I think the G5 is gonna be more functional.


I have 2 two people that want my Protostar and these are their offers.


Your choice.

I like my Protostar over the my 2 Dingos(blue and nickel). For me, the Protostar is just way more playable. But, if you need a really good pocket yoyo, the Dingo is nice.

I don’t see a G5 trading for a Protostar(or even a Dingo), but hey, whatever. Make your own choice. You can always get another Protostar if you want it. G5’s are discontinued I think. Dingos are apparently back in production.


G5 always and forever
Not even a competition, in my eyes.


What condition are they in? One Drops have higher trade values. It being a dingo, however, makes the trade value go down a bit. Not many people like yoyos that small. I’d say either are a great trade though. You’ll probably be more happy with the G5 in the end. Much, much more playable. Dingo will make you a MUCH better yoyoer though, being so small you’ll get good as hitting the string on literally any yoyo. Honestly I can’t even compare these two so I’m going to stop now.


I don’t think you get what you pay for with Yoyofactory metals. Dingo looks very nice.


Who trades a g5 or dingo for a protostar? But id say g5 because I didn’t like the dingo. Its preference.