g.5 value

So last year when i went to Minnesota States i traded a dingo for a g.5. i am just wondering
if that is a good idea or not. also what is the money value of a g.5

There is no set money value. The value is what somebody is willing to pay.

If this is the yoyo your talking about http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/37/YYF-G5 it would seem like a pretty good trade to me considering dingos go for about $50 and G5s go for closer to $100.

That’s true, but it’s good to take into considertation that how much someone is willing to pay is heavily based on how much they are sold for retail.

The G5 and G.5 are two very different yo-yos, M².

I was wondering the same thing. I have a Wintergreen Peak. I also still have the GM2 i bought right after they came out.

I’ve seen used G.5s go for $60 mint.

They used to retail for $70

Very few people even want the g.5. Sorry but it’s a terrible yoyo imo. If you like it then fine but it you liked that dingo more then you made a bad deal. Simple as that.


i traded my m1 for a g.5

I personally don’t like the g.5 it plays very bad i dont think there should be an h shape on such a small yoyo.
Just my opinion
Best regards