G.5 or grind machine 2!!!

HELP!! I need to decide between a mint condition contest team G.5 or a mint condition grind machine 2! Its so hard to decide!

Wide or Slim? Small or Large?

G.5 man!!! G5’s, G.5’s, G5+, and G5++ is like a whole family. Team editions are even better on the graphics. I got a G5, and it is amazing!

Arent both discounted? Ignore thins if you already have seen them in B/S/T/s or something.
Anyways,it’s preference,I believe the G.5 is undersized,and the GM2 is full-sized.So,ask yourself which one you like better,undersized or small,is you like undersized,get the G.5 and full sized,get the GM2.

I like small, I bought it of the forum at yoyonation!

Ok,so,are you getting the G.5.

I wouldn’t see why both would be discounted.

Anyway, I suggest a GM2. Then G.5 isn’t really good for a serious player.

Why isnt it a serious player? >:(

Yeah. G5’s are awesome. Many people use them in competitions. I think he might mean they are like beauty queens, focused on the looks, not a tough yoyo like the eight8eight.

We are talking about g.5s.

Too small, IMO

Don’t you like undersized yoyos?

Yes, he does. He likes 888 and M1, but that IS small.

The Mighty Feal is a midget for fun, but G.5 is to small for me also, more of a fun yo-yo, not the best player.

Ok,I didnt think they were that small.

Well, they are.

And take my advice on comma use :wink:

They are a inch and a half!! ;D

So are you getting the GM2 or the G.5

gm2 owns the g5! :smiley:


Some consider the 888 to small, the g.5 makes a 888 look big.

The g.5 is similar to a mighty flea in the way that its not a competition grade yoyo