g.5 vs black knight


im looking for a second player so i can have one for NC States. I can get a g.5 or a black knight and i am looking for a yoyo that is somewhat small and can take many strings in the gap? Anyone got a review on either of these??? ;D

(J. Lev) #2

These are two completely different yoyos. The G.5 is a quirky, light player. It spins well and true, but its small size and weight are hard to control. I like mine very much, but I would never freestyle with it.

The Black Knight is a yoyojam half-metal, and is quite large. First, its 71 grams, which is pretty heavy (with most yoyos comfortably around 66 grams). It is also pretty big for a 1a yoyo, it is the signature yoyo of an offstring player. So if you want small, don’t get a black knight. However, if you want small, don’t go too small! The G.5 is a mini yoyo. Be warned :slight_smile:

If you wanted a yoyo that is simply “undersized”, and not necessarily mini, I’d suggest an eight8eight by Yoyofactory. AMAZING player, good weight, was Yoyo of the Year in 2007. You can even get a B-Grade one for pretty cheap if you look well enough.

B-Grade means that the yoyo had a small defect when it was made. There may be a little vibe, or there may be a little coating problem with the coloring or anodization. The B-Grades are sold at a lesser price, and are really good bargains. I recommend one of them.


a “mini yoyo” you mean like a mighty flea because i would never get one of those

(J. Lev) #4

Its not quite as small as a mighty flea. Check out this picture

That was my collection. Look in the top right. Black yoyo with white engravings and green hubstacks. Thats a G.5. Look at it compared to the yoyos around it. Very very small.


Thanks for the warning. I think i may follow up on getting one though, but first, is it about the same size as an M1 or smaller?

(J. Lev) #6

Smaller than the M1. An M1 is also the size of an 888. I would of suggested it, actually, I just forgot about it :slight_smile: