G2 Survey Wednesday 7/17/13

(G2 Jake) #1

Survey Wednesday!

Thoughts on the Maple Drip Wolverine Blood Triton?

What is your time zone?

Last movie you watched in a theater?


Looks really cool
Im in Cali, its 3:28 if that’s what your asking…
Despicable me 2 (it was terrible actually… Edit, it wasn’t terrible, just was to muv of the kid funny stuff, and not stuff that we would laugh about, like we did in #1)


I like it better spinning, it’s ok sitting.

Um same as ^ but AZ has no daylight savings.

The internship (pretty good)


Love it. Love the Clarview Station colors with the Maple Drip effect.
Eastern Central
Despicable Me 2 (I liked it. I would recommend it.)


Pretty good looking yoyo. Will that hit YYE?


Now you see me. Pretty good movie, wasn’t expecting the punchline


Another good job (stop fishing for compliments ;))


Phew…Ghostrider? Netflix rocks.


Looks pretty nice


World War Z




Man of steel


Despicable me 2



Pacific Standard



Really cool!



  1. I love the blue. The drip is cool, but I don’t know… It feels like it’s missing something. Then again I’m not the world’s #1 clareview fan. Not a “can’t live without” for me. The blue really is awesome, though. If I do buy, that’ll be the reason.

  2. Central

  3. Don’t know, maybe Skyfall


I really want one.


They look awesome!


Man of Steel I believe…


Looks really cool. Yellow & Brown would look cool, too! This brings up a question: Do you have to get permission or pay a royalty to Marvel Comics to sell this design? I’ve been wondering about this since I started seeing all of the Hulk Smash yoyos.

Arizona. Is that a time zone? We don’t observe DST, so we get put into Pacific and Mountain depending on the time of year.

Start Trek Into Darkness


It needs another color, its missing red or something. I like the effect, but the colors just dont work for me



(G2 Jake) #17

No royalties paid. Wolverine is also an animal. Blue and gold fits Michigan as well.

  • Looks Rowdy
  • Eastern
  • Scream 4 - Not too impressed with movies lately, especially when faced with high theatre prices


I like that colorway. :wink:

eastern time zone.

Last movie in theaters? Ummmm, I think it was “world war Z”.

Yeah that movie sucked. terrible movie. Don’t watch it


I thought it was ok. Not great, just ok.