G-string PX and Regular Review

I finally got a chance to buy G-string PX and Regular so of course I’m gonna write a review…so here goes.


PX if I’m not mistaken means Poly 10 and has 10 threads of polyester thread. This stuff is THICK, its not the kind of string where your like “Pffft…how think can it be? I can handle it!” because it is like THICK THICK. I compared it to G-string Intentus and SSE after all 3 were used for 5 days and PX stays like it is before it is used while the others are thinner. I have to admit it is really “fun”, like…I just cant explain it. The whips are incredible, I hit a double and triple wrist whip with PX. It isnt that great on suicides tho, it stays kinda closed unless you get it JUST right. It doesnt hold tension like the other G-strings at first but after a day it has great string tension. Be warned though, after using PX other strings will feel thin for a while! This sint exactly my favortie G-string but I still like it and it has this weird feel that makes it “fun”. I would recommend this to people who want to try something diiferent.


Where do I start…this stuff is SOFT, its like INCREDIBLY SOFT. I just cant beleive it, i was sitting there for 10 minutes feeling how soft it is. It does seem less tightly wound then other strings but after a couple hours of play it gets better. Its like you take SSE and crank up the softness by 2 or 3 times, its THAT soft. On to the play. This is great at whips also, sometimes if you have grimy hands string tends to hurt kind of when you do whip and miss because the stirng like rubs really fast off your hand but this stirng never gives you stirng burn. I on purpose tried to get stirng burn and it didnt work, it just wont happen…The suicides arent as good as SSE but still better than PX, it still opens up a bit. It holds string tension well, about the same as PX after a day of play. I once again reccommend this to people who wnt to try something different. Its just soooo soft.

That wraps it up for my short review, i’ll be reviewing New age string and Chaos stirng after worlds!

fter I stop being so cheap I might have to pick some up. ;D :wink:

Nice review man! Short, sweet, and to the point.

I have a question about PX, is it ever thicker than regular type 8 string?

Ummm…type 8…like 8 threads? If so then yes. And ewski, you have to get CC, its pricy but THE BEST (IMO).

very good review. :wink: The PX sound like a string i have to try out ;D

Nice review! :wink:

Man, I want to try it out. Too bad its a luxury…

I dont know exactly how thick g-strings PX threads are, but shisaki probably remembers my Frozen Fire strings, and they actually use 11 threads… And they are a tad bit thinner that highlights. (thay still play great though ;D)

Titanium221 8)
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( I was listening to Dragonforce when I typed this, and I had a sudden urge to do that… :o )

11? wow, they are thin…Did you solve the string tension problem?

yep! :smiley: