string survey

I’m playing around with making strings. I’ve played with serger thread (spun polyester, which is softer) and with embroidery thread (filament, so its slicker)…

I know what I like in a string - I’m curious what do you look for in a (presumably 100% polyester) string?

Soft feel
Tight slick feel

I think I like a blend of both best. So that way it’s soft, strong, and a bit stiff but not too stiff.

I like my string to be rough like brand new string. Also I like it to hold tension for a while but who doesn’t like good tension?

Try blending nylon in with the embroidery thread. nylon string holds up very long. I make my own thread using those 3 types of thread and i’m very pleased with how they look out and play. There is also very little to no string burn also.

Soft long lasting and hold tension. I really like Gstring. If you haven’t tried it you should. They have a good blend and could take some pointers from it if that’s what your looking for in a string.

I have some G-String (and anyone who hasn’t tried it really should) - in fact Paul is one of the inspirations for me to explore this…

I don’t know what I like. I like YYE 100% poly and that’s good enough for me for now, but with my pathetic skills, hey, it doesn’t take much to make me happy. Even so, I’m willing to expand my horizons and try other string. I got this interesting string on my DM2 right now. It’s a bit stiffer than I’m using to and taking it’s sweet time breaking in, but it’s got some great performance characteristics.

stiff like HamString

I agree but it is really easy to get burned t with the rough feel.

Been using a type 12 hamstring(or whatever ships with Terrapin X bearings) and its amazing, just not as soft as some other threads, middle ground softness Id say. Seems to hold tension really well and to last a ton. Has some nice bounce too. Also, can someone tell me what kind of string ships on a OD Dang? I loved that string, just dropped it in a puddle and ruined it. thin but tight bings, bouncy, held tension relatively well, and was SOFT. Thats what im looking for

Dear god i hate hamstring! it felt cheap and like it was about to fall apart any second. i prefer kitty string. a slightly heavier feel with some serious bounce and softness. i like my string to be comfortable.

Sounds like you have “One Drop Basic” string on there… (that’s what David slipped on my 54)

It might have been a Toxic string (maybe even Markmont)

When using 100% Poly, I prefer a thicker, heavier string. Slack tricks feel more satisfying with a heavier string imho.

I forgot to mention it was white if that helps. At first I thought MarkMont Dragon strings but it felt so soft. Ive never played markmont string so I couldnt tell though

If anyone makes their own string i would send 3 of mine in a pack for 3 of your own.