Yo-Yo String Survey

I’m looking to start my own string company and just wanted to hear from the forum member on there opinions.

  1. Soft or Rough String?

  2. Favorite Material/blend for string? (Polly,Nylon,Rayon,Cotton ect)

  3. 3 Favorite String colors?

  4. Loose or tightly wound?

  5. Whats your favorite kind of pie?

  6. Think or think string?

  1. Rough, soft would be better but…
  2. Poly/Kevlar blend
  3. Bright, neons - yellow&green for NCFC
  4. Tight
  5. Steak and kidney

1: I am preferring soft string, but I like it to have some stiffness too. I’m cutting my hands on YYE strings, but I’ve been playing extended sessions too, which isn’t helping that.

I’m currently liking YYSL Type X and Twisted Stringz Trixta.

For 2A, I want something with more bounce in it. Longer lasting than Slick 6. I’m not liking 100% cotton in loopers.

2: Blend? I’ve played some good 100% poly, and some other blends but I don’t know what is in there.

3: Favorite colors? Neon green or yellow. I like it to be easily seen.

4: Tight wound, but not super tight.

5: Favorite pie? Doesn’t contribute to the conversation.

6: I prefer my string to be non-sentient so it doesn’t hurt it when it breaks or needs to be replaced.

  1. Soft. Rough if fine, though, if it doesn’t cause string burn.

  2. Polyester/Nylon

  3. Neons (Yellow, green, or orange)

  4. Tightly wound.

  5. Blueberry.

Here’s mine

  1. Soft

  2. Rayon nylon blend

  3. Neon yellow pink and orange

  4. Tightly wound


  1. Soft
  2. Poly and Nylon blend
  3. Neon Green / Yellow / White
  4. Tight wound
  5. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top.
  6. a tad bit thicker than normal, but just a little bit.
  1. Soft
  2. Straight up polyester
  3. Yellow, orange and pink
  4. Somewhere in between, but slightly towards the tighter end
  5. Steak and mushroom
  6. Again, somewhere in between

Make what YOU like to use while leaving yourself room to play with different materials.
Trying to make what other people want will never make you fulfilled.


Thanks Paul! haha I already have all the string types that I need I just wanted to see what people liked. :slight_smile: My Rayon Nylon blend will always be my favorite string no matter what people say anyways!
I also love to play with exotic threads that nobody ever uses because I find it fun to try create something other people haven’t used! ;D But thanks for the advice!